The Cypriot Branch of the RCS (RCS Cyprus) was established in 2017. The Dean of the School of Law of the University of Nicosia, Professor Achilles Emilianides, is the Chairman of the Branch within the spirit of the charter of the RCS. The affiliation of the Branch with the University of Nicosia will contribute towards the promotion of the principles and values of the RCS and the Commonwealth in general as well as the relations with other RCS Branches and Commonwealth countries.

On 26 June 1868, a group of individuals in London established a ‘literary and scientific body’ dedicated to the greater understanding of what were then British colonies. A year later it was granted a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria, elevating it to the level of other Royal Societies. The Society became increasingly progressive in the early decades of the twentieth century, admitting women as members from 1922, and encouraging a young and diverse membership. It was given its present name, The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS), in 1958.

In 2018, after a number of name and venue changes, The Royal Commonwealth Society, with its 60+ branches worldwide, is celebrating its 150th year as the oldest and largest organisation dedicated to the Commonwealth.

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